älskar studio

Älskar Studio is a jewelry and accessories design studio based in Sweden.


Our brand is inspired by the fragrances, savoir-vivre, and natural landscapes of Northern Europe.


We specialize in creating contracted art style jewelry that reflects a lifestyle rooted in emotional connection, artistic expression, simplicity, pure nature, and sustainability.

Our newest jewelry

älskar's creativity and unparalleled design at its best.Now you can have a fragrance jewelry.
  • Perfume Jewelry

    Glass Ball with the silver pearl Bracelet,can be injected by perfume.

älskar collections

Discover the jewelry collections that feature älskar's most iconic designs.

One Jewelry In Many Way

One Necklace is split into multiples jewelry,like two bracelets and a pendant.The pendant is inset with glass ball,can be combined in all the different jewelry,change perfumed jewelry.
  • Möbiusband

    möbiusband infinitas,love you infinitas
  • Ripple

    Ripples stir in my heart
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use only natural gemstones and silver materials.